Inside Out

At Primal Roots we're not much into 'days' for this or that, in fact we're quite averse. But today we're biting the bullet 🔫 - it's World Mental Health Day and we believe mental health is everything. However, we know it can never be fully realised without optimising physical health - they are two sides of the same coin. Without daily physical activity, our mental health will suffer. We're getting involved today because we believe we've created a human zoo syndrome in our society and nowhere is that more evident than in our prisons. So, today we're going in to coach 30 serving prisoners in Rochester and Ministry of Justice staff. We know that more physical activity and sport in prisons will see re-offending rates plummet and that given the right opportunity and support ex-offenders, (over 95% of prisoners WILL come out) can make brilliant athletes, coaches and role models. Thus turning a burden on the tax payer into tax payers.

Look after yourself and others. Today and every day. But look after yourself first to maximise your service to others.

Primal Roots