Let's talk about balance. It's a word you often hear in the world of fitness, health and weĺlness. But we're not sure. Try telling an addict to be balanced. Addicts are magnetised to extremes. When the things we take to extremes are damaging to our physical or spiritual wellbeing, the sentiment behind the advice of well meaning professionals and/or family members is, "let's help you find balance." But perhaps that's the wrong strategy? What if we try another approach? Be addicted! To something else, something that lights the fire in your belly, but can't be extinguished by the anguish of a hangover or comedown. That thing you were good at or loved as a child or an as yet unrevealed passion. Once you find it, pursue it with all the extremism in your soul, the "just one more" attitude that kept you at the bar or looking for tiny crumbs of glistening cocaine on your credit card, at 5am. Be unbalanced. Be addicted, to something you can only do sober. That might be an ultra marathon, ironman or playing the piano - anything that takes hard work, dedication and an element of suffering for reward. But, this form of extremism swings on a pendulum - it must come back - for it's in continual motion. It's fluid, it's healthy, it makes the arch of your life full because it influences the speed and strength of your direction of travel and makes sure it points at all the other aspects of your life, for just the right amount of time. A perfectly working pendulum is anything but balanced. We love extremes and we seek them out wherever we can. An extremely cold lake for a swim yesterday, a 37 degree hot-pod for yoga today. We welcome extreme people alongside everyone else. We welcome addicts. We are unbalanced.

Primal Roots