NHS Gets Primal

We are super proud and honoured to be working with the NHS delivering holistic fitness and wellness sessions at The Hellingly Centre - a modern purpose built medium secure unit for people aged over 18 who have mental health problems and who have become involved with the criminal justice system. Staff there assess and manage people whose conditions cannot safely be treated other than in a secure or supervised environment. Hellingly Centre has three specialist wards, each looked after by expert staff from a range of different backgrounds. One of those staff - Caroline Tredway Parfitt , (who happens to be a 🦌 stalwart!) had the vision to invite us along to deliver sessions and it's fast becoming one of the highlights of our week! We're moved by the level of dedication and passion people like Caroline and her colleagues bring to helping people recover. This is exactly why we set Primal Roots up. So spread the word! The more people join our woodland workouts and #stickittothegym - the more of this we can deliver ❤🦌❤

Primal Roots