Enter The Dragon

Stress gets a bad press and we want you to reclaim it! Not all stress is bad and not all pain is significant. We're meeting too many people who are feeling stressed out about getting stressed out; but the truth is, without stress there is no growth.

If you want to run a marathon, you need to put your body through incremental levels of stress when you're training, in order to be ready on race day. And when we say ready, we mean accepting, even welcoming of pain. If you train with us, when the beast arrives, you're going to be opening that door - "Oh there you are! Come on in, I've been waiting for you." Now, it's power is gone, because you are in control. Not because you faught it away or beat it - it's still there, but you welcomed it in.

Welcoming and accepting stress in this way can be applied to nearly every aspect of our lives. Take exams, for example. They're stressful events for young people, but if you welcome stress, knowing you've put the metaphorical miles in, when you're stood in line about to hit that paper; the beast is slain, once again. Just like Anyha here, who's learning stress acceptance techniques to take into this week's exams. No luck required, Annya. The job is done. Go kill it 🚪🐉🏃‍♀️

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