Mishka Shubaly gets primal



Author, ultrarunner, musician and all round legend Mishka Shubaly dropped by Primal Roots HQ to witness the fitness. As well as taking part in a bootcamp session, Mishka shared his thoughts on gym fitness versus outdoor exercise.


It always struck me as cruelly ironic that people would seek to improve their health and happiness by recreating the same conditions grinding them down: overcrowding, authoritarians shouting abuse, bad dance music, the omnipresent TVs, fluorescent lighting. Think about the modern gym: standing there, staring at your phone, self-conscious about how much you’re sweating, waiting for someone to finish up so you can hamster-wheel on the dreadmill for a couple minutes before someone else waiting gets agitated. Get off the hamster wheel, get outside, and get wild— let yourself go.
— Mishka Shubaly

Find out more about Mishka here: mishkashubaly.com

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