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Natural High

We use outdoors fitness to empower both individuals and teams with a sense of positive responsibility for more than just their personal wellbeing.

Our unique corporate fitness programmes are rooted in physical, mental and nutritional science, and use the collective and holistic pursuit of shared goals as a tool to inspire and develop leadership skills.


Group Sessions

Our workouts have been developed to both improve and maintain all levels of fitness. From those looking to escape the monotony of the gym once a week, to the more dedicated individuals in pursuit of reaching peak fitness, Primal Roots provides effective training.

Our sessions with people in recovery begin with a workshop in nutrition and fitness intelligence before heading into the woods. Using nothing but body weight and natural movements, our group workouts are designed enhance everything from stamina and speed to strength and agility.

Team Building

We work with teams who share our values of responsibility and leadership, and who want to push themselves to be the best they can be. Not only do our programmes provide the benefits of improvements in health and wellbeing, they also serve to boost productivity, team communication, and a sense of fulfilment.

Inspiring a sense of responsibility and leadership are our key outcomes, which we deliver in the form of both stand-alone training sessions, right through to leadership and coaching skills. This allows the participating team to deliver these same benefits in responsibility and leadership to both their wider teams and their customers or service users.


Inspiring leaders

Our sessions for team building and open groups are designed to equip and encourage leadership and social skills that can have positive impacts in all areas of life.

Woodland home

The beauty of the great outdoors is that it's everywhere. Where there's a woods, there can be Primal Roots. We also have our own protected woodlands; perfect for team building days and camping.


Run for the woods

We're only a 38 minute ride away from London St. Pancras. We offer minibus pick ups for groups from our nearest station, ensuring the forest is less than an hour away from the city.


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